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About BookGraphix

BookGraphix has become an indispensable part of my publishing business, providing high quality graphics in support of my marketing efforts. I'm able to generate gorgeous graphics in just seconds, from cover reveals to product mock-ups to reader testimonials in support for launches of new releases and backlist titles alike. It has made my marketing efforts so much easier and saves me considerable time with each new use.

-Joseph Nassise

New York Times Bestselling Author

Dammit, Jim, I'm a romance author not a graphic designer!" <—That was the mantra I had on repeat in my mind every time I needed to create a new social media graphic—until I found BookGraphix.

-Danika Bloom
USA Today Bestselling Author

BookGraphix is my absolute favorite for whipping up quick graphics. What sets it apart is its diverse range of mockups, from transparent backgrounds to themed ones. Investing in MockupShots has been one of my smartest investments yet.

-Tina Glasneck
USA Today Bestselling Author

BookGraphix. Where do I start? A ton of impactive, easily editable graphics at my fingertips, social media posts that never fail to get a ton of comments, likes and shares, and a magical wizard that spits out terrific book descriptions, If that isn’t enough, fast and always helpful customer support. BookGraphix is worth every penny. I only wish I’d found it sooner.

-Maggie Carpenter
USA Today Bestselling Author

Investing in BookGraphix has been one of the best marketing investments I've made. With two published books and a podcast, the versatility of my BookGraphix account has been unparalleled. I've utilized the platform to create captivating mockups for all three, which I prominently feature on my website and across my social media banners. I get rave reviews whenever I post the memes and themed holiday visuals, and am always appreciative of those on days I need a content boost. Who knew International Talk Like a Pirate Day would be such a popular post for my non-fiction book? I'm just starting to venture into advertising, and Book Graphix has already proven invaluable. I've prepared several advertisements, ready to be launched, thanks to the platform's ease of use and the quality of the visuals it helps create. The impact of BookGraphix on my promotional efforts is undeniable, making it a cornerstone of my marketing strategy.

-Jodi Hrbek
Author of Rock your Role as a Salesforce Admin

To tell you the truth, my book sales started rising when I started using BookGraphix I have published 58 books and for every post I made with BookGraphix I received many compliments and purchases. Readers seem to think that the books I published a couple of years ago are new releases and they rush to buy them. Thank you BookGraphix for making my life easier.

-Brenda Mohammed

Multi-award-winning Author

I love the memes - especially the one that says could you share your thoughts because it makes it easier to ask people. I love the holidays - I use them often to post about something different. I actually talk about niche holidays in one of my books. I love the mockups and use them everywhere - my websites, emails, articles and social media. They are very helpful. My favorite are the alien ones. :-) but the most useful to me are the ones with plants, tea/coffee, or flowers.

-Carrie Scharf

BookGraphix is super easy to use! There are simply oodles of options, so I can always find an image or a background that will suit the effect I'm looking for. A feature I particularly like is the voting portal where I get to vote on the next images to be added to the mockup library.

-Michelle Matthews, author How to Understand Others Better

Being able to build my book social media posts with BookGraphix has been simple and effective. Without these tools I’m not sure where I’d be. It enables me to focus more on my writing and less on marketing.

-Tami Winbush, romance author 

I've found BookGraphix pleasantly simple to work with. The regular introduction of new graphics are really helpful and I like the opportunity to be able to vote on new ones being considered for inclusion. The addition of different vignettes with different moods allows the author to tailor the tone of his/her graphics to suit their demographic. I find that particularly useful. Thanks, BookiGraphix!

-D.B. Sayers, The Author Unredacted

When I came across BookGraphix, I wasn't sure if it would be worth the expense, since I already was proficient with my favourite book mockup site and Canva. However, this month, I'm releasing a co-authored book and two journals. The hours I saved creating attractive mockups for my A+ product graphics, social graphics and email newsletter have already been worth it.The cherry on top is that it's so fun sifting through just the right vibe for each book!

-Emily Grabatin, author of Dare to Decide

I love the mock-up feature! With other websites it requires a lot of work. With this, I enter the book details and BookGraphix does the work for me!

-RP Hollis, author of Kent Detective Agency Mysteries

I LOVE Bookgraphix! It saves me a ton of time creating book mockups, and other types of graphics including book covers that I can use to help promote my books. What used to take me 30 minutes or more to create one graphic now takes at most 5 minutes and that's if I modify the graphic, otherwise 30 seconds. It is well worth it to have this software in your book marketing arsenal.

-Regina Paul, Author of The Last Jumper

Bookgraphix gives you far more images than you could ever use, allowing you to pick those which work best for you. I do create my own graphics as well as using Bookgraphix, but there is no reason I couldn't use the website only. I should be telling you not to use this website, as I work with authors providing them with graphics, and it's websites like this that make my job so hard, as it gives authors another option. I can't do it though, as the quality, and speed, of this website is the best I've ever seen.

-Joe Dugdale, Book Marketer 

As a self-publishing author, I’ve enjoyed using BookGraphics for book marketing and social media presence. I find graphics that fit my focus and interests. Creating my mockups allows me to use quotes From my books. A marvelous tool.

-Judson I Stone

Bookgraphix is an indispensable site for all authors and publishers. It provides a wide array of easily used cover mockups to help effectively market your book as well as easily edited social media ads for Facebook, Instagram, and other sites. For authors looking for cover ideas, Bookgraphix has dozens of creative and attractive templates which can be customized to fit your specific needs. Bookgraphix is a must for all authors launching an independent promotion and marketing plan.

-Philip Bigler, Author of Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: A Century of Honor, 1921-2021

BookGraphix is a delightful resource for me as a nonfiction book publisher. While I invest heavily in a book design team, turning to the site for fun social media images in a pinch is a relief. I use the images from BookGraphix as bonus gifts for my authors to supplement the book mockups we normally provide. In December, I offered a free social media image to my newsletter subscribers, and it was a breeze to use Book Graphix to quickly generate a book cover image for each author who responded. It was a wonderful way to connect with each client and prospect. One new subscriber who requested a free image became a book marketing client, so I've already gotten my return on investment. I plan on using BookGraphix for giveaways in the future. Thanks for the great site!

-Ella Ritchie, Founder of Stellar Communications Houston

BookGraphix has saved us time, effort and energy as we get ready to publish our next book. Thank you for making it so easy to do fun mockups (we even used the one with the dog reading our book-it's great because it's a dog personality book!) In the past, I had to outsource so many things but using BookGraphix has helped with our social media, making memes easy peasy, the animated GIFs are awesome and so are the book template covers. As a 4x Int'l Best Selling Author that did it the "hard" way, thank you CJ and BookGraphix for helping me find the "easy" way for me team and I to market our books!

-Stephanie Frank, 4x Int'l Best Selling Author, The Accidental Milllionaire

I love all the personalized graphics that are offered! I can create something new everyday! I have a blast creating on BookGraphix.com! I love all the memes, the niche holiday offers and the book promos are way better than anything I could produce myself!

-Kori Reed, author of "Men-in-the-Middle: Conversations to Gain Momentum with Gender Equity's Silent Majority"

I run a Personal Assistant business for authors and these graphics make it so easy to make high quality ads with a few clicks of a button. My authors love the images and that we can easily size them to whatever social media we are using. Highly recommend for professional yet quick looking graphics!

-Laura Martinez, Owner of The Indie Author’s Advocate, LLC

I absolutely love Book Graphics! As a subscriber since 2019, and with 4 books under my belt, one an Amazon International Best Seller, Book Graphics allows me to create social media content in minutes. Writing a book is hard enough. Marketing it is where the rubber hits the road. Book Graphics is user friendly enough for the beginner and powerful enough for the seasoned marketer...5-STARS IN MY BOOK (no pun intended)

-Fred C Lanosa, Best Selling Author of PointsLife, Not Your Grandma's Timeshare

BookGraphix has helped to up my game when promoting my books. The process requires only a few steps to develop beautiful graphics I can share on social media and in my newsletters. I highly recommend it.

-R Weir, Author of the Amazon Best-Selling Divine Devils series

BookGraphix has taken advertising to a new level. It is affordable, professional, and super easy to use. Just upload a book or course cover and choose from the beautiful graphic output. There are hundreds of choices covering a wide array of advertising options to target specific audiences. Our small indie press has used BookGraphix for nonfiction, memoir, short courses, and a novel.

-JK Miller, author of The Inheritance: A Novel

As someone who has zero experience in the world of graphic editing, BookGraphics helped me make amazing images quickly and easily. It allows me to focus on creating more books instead of spending hours trying to make promotional materials!

-Renae Guisbert, author of Cozy Mysteries

BookGraphix makes marketing all my books professional-looking and a breeze. I love the wide range, from book reviews to social media posts. The niche holidays are a favorite! And most importantly, using them is simple and fast, allowing me to spend more time writing.

-DK Marie, romance author